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About Us

About Us

Let us introduce you to our first digital insurance company

It is more important to know what we are made of instead of WHO we really are, here are 7 basic principles to understand the concept that makes us stand out from the rest of the companies.

1. Simple, friendly and fast

That´s what makes us different I´m sure you thought how come Insurance can´t offer the same experience that most advanced Internet companies can. But that has changed. From now on, you will feel that we are with you every step of the way. It is possible.

2. A Fair price for what you pay

We strive to offer the best insurance at the best price. Fair to everyone and exactly what you need. So you are satisfied when you have to pay and happy in case you have to collect. And in case of insurance renewal, you will be amazed by the benefits you will have.

3. The Insurance Market Transformation

Today, you are starting a new journey. And we travel differently, with simple words so everyone understands, speaking face to face, and going straight to the point. Very simple. Like all Insurance should be.

4. Julieta, always with you

We included artificial intelligence to our digital process. Our virtual assistant will help you choose and to do everything faster and is capable of assisting all needs simultaneously on our website, Facebook, mobile, notebook or tablet 24 /7, always. No delays. And don´t be surprised if Julieta says HELLO or GOOD BYE with a flower, she has been developed to be as friendly as can be.

5. Digital

First motorcycles, In the near future all insurance you may need. Online and instantly. Upload some necessary information. Later you quote, purchase and almost automatically the policy is delivered to the email address submitted. Indeed, only a few steps, 90 seconds and you are covered. And when a problem occurs, we simplify the process by using our eReply system. Fast and of course, simple so you live the same experience: feel happy to be part of the eColon community.

6. Safe like every real Insurance should be

Our policies are issued by Colón Compañía de Seguros and policies for assistance are issued by Colón Asistencias. Colón Compañía de Seguros has been rated A+ in the quarterly evaluation completed in September 2017. We count with the best support and on our international reinsurers, with great solvency. Digital and Secure.

7. Collaborating together

As we want to take care of our planet, we decided not to print on paper. If you agree we will send all information in digital form. Sharing this decision, we can avoid hundreds of tree cuttings.

Moreover, for every policy issued using digital communication, we will donate 10 pesos to a well. known non – profit organization called “Cimientos”. Since we are aware that we will become a large community, the benefits we will obtain together will be highly interesting. It is not only a question of protecting yourself, you are also helping others.