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Health Insurance

eColon, we offer a full Health Insurance at the best rate to protect you and your family
At only $659.


ALWAYS Protected!



Your health is our concern! Coverage is available when medical occurrence requires it.

Daily Hospitalization Benefit

We support you during hard times that is why we grant you a daily hospitalization benefit from day one.


We think about you all the time, if you need a transplant we will reimburse the benefit as stated in the coverage.

Family Protection

In case of death of the Insured, ongoing coverage to spouse and/ or children, cost free, during one year is applied.

If your are diagnosed with a dread disease you are Covered


Heart Attack


Kidney failure

Your benefits also include…


Without leaving your home we offer video consultations, 24hours a day, year round.

Home Doctor

Give us a call and we will send a Doctor to your home to provide the medical assistance you need.

Discount at Pharmacies

You will have a 40% discount on medical prescriptions and a wide range of pharmacies to choose one nearby.


There is a priority phone line for medical aid and prompt replies.


Unexpected events happen, so if you have a dental emergency we will take care of it.

Insurance Protection and COVID-19

We offer insurance coverage for the hospitalization period.


We help quick recovery for body injuries and movement impairment.

Discount in Orthopedics

Up to 20% discount in orthopedic supplies such as crutches, walkers and alike

Coverage subject to underwriting requirements


Telemedicine, available to everyone

  • Video Consultations
  • Real Time Service
  • Real Time Service
  • Available 24hs
Insurance coverage for COVID-19
Feel protected always!

We have a wide range of medical providers all around the country

medical providers