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Your Insurance can also help others

Your Insurance can also help others

The idea is to do business in a responsible way. We can and should help. That is why, now for every new policy we will donate $10 to the Organization known as “Cimientos”, that does a great job. We understand why. Learn more about Cimientos.

It is an organization that designs and implements educational programs with the mission to offer equal opportunities within the most vulnerable areas and contribute to a better education. Our programs are used in Argentina.

49 children drop out of high school every hour in Argentina and one out of two students do not have access to learning the basics to become a part of society. It is like if a single school with more than 1000 students closed every day.

The Program of Future Graduates help children ages 12 to 18 and their families so that they have the chance to finish high school and envision their future with more and greater opportunities.

Proven results to help problem solving.


Social Awareness

If you share our initiative, all communication will be digital to eliminate the printing process. That way we can save paper, a lot of paper and avoid tree cutting.

It is estimated that it takes 1 tree to make 16 reams of paper. That means that it takes the cutting of a single tree to make 8000 sheets of paper. If a single policy has 10 pages, every 8000 policies will produce the cutting of 10 trees and it will take 100 if we are referring to 80000 policies. We must add to these figures the remaining paper normally used if the process is non- digital.

Likewise, every 3 sheets of paper require 1 litre of water to process. Imagine all the saving we can obtain if we are aware of the situation and accept the commitment to take care of the environment.

That is why we ask you to join us and help to be caring and also ecological.